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Goodbye — for now

Some parting words from our CEO

August 2018

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sneak peEk at arlens…

a change is coming to sofa

April 2018

At Sofa, we’ve been quietly thinking about how we might be able to use AR to encourage organic growth at brick-and-mortar locations. While shopping online is fast and convenient, we believe certain products are well-served by the full, in-person shopping experience. For those instances, we have ARlens. More details to come, but here’s a quick trailer of our vision.

Constructing additional Pylons

One more kiosk added!

sofa lobby robot.gif

We’ve added another kiosk in the lobby at IMAXVR — now you can take videos as you wait for your VR experience. Remember to visit us, right across from the beautiful Grove in Los Angeles!

Show your love for Sofa this valentine’s day!

Sofa pilots at IMAXVR

IMAX signage template 8x11.png

February 2018

We’re excited to announce that SofaVR is officially debuting at IMAXVR in Los Angeles this Valentine’s Day! Our AR kiosks can be found at the Justice League and Raw Data game areas. If you’re going to enjoy VR with your friends or your S.O. this Valentine’s Day, make sure they capture some video of you with our new AR stickers! There’s even a special Valentine-themed AR sticker if you visit this month. Remember to hit that share button!

Just the beginning

So starts the journey of a thousand miles

February 2017

“How do we make a great VR spectator experience?” This is the question